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'cristiano ronaldo in secret gay relationship with kickboxing hunk' reports rock madrid

Another circumstance exploited by the press, happened short after Cristiano Ronaldo had a casual fling with Paris Hilton a few years ago. But a rich one, bastard. He has been more recently photographed getting very close and personal with men that are Indian guy sex chat as handsome as he is—in particular one man, Badr Hari, the Dutch-Moroccan kick-boxer that Ronaldo has been linked to for the last year.

Which sex team does Cristiano Ronaldo play for? Quite the opposite actualy, since Cristiano Ronaldo has publicly dated many women over the last years and his current girlfriend is Irina Shayk. What we can all probably agree at, is that Ronaldo fashion taste isn't always the best possible for sure: Here's one of the latest Cristiano Ronaldo pictures, where the press didn't lose much ronaldo bisexual to suggest Beautiful mature looking sex dating Bear hint that Cristiano Ronaldo is gay:.

Below, you may check some pictures and images, that help those gossip rumors stating that Cristiano Ronaldo is gay. Posted by Daniel Santos When debating his preference in sex Cristiano Ronaldo certainly gives both the ladies and the men a cause to ponder whether or not they have any chance in hell with the very sexy Portuguese football stud. He is known to ronaldo bisexual a very large ego, which le him to be disappointed with anyone who is not him, even with the most beautiful of women.

The American socialite allegedly said that she didn't feel atracted by Cristiano Ronaldo in order have something serious with him, because "Ronaldo was too gay" for her taste. Some people have long suspected that legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is gay and when Rihanna seemingly outed him back in it seemed as though we had our answer, but the sports star has remained tight-lipped about his sexuality ever since.

Along with the snap, Badr wrote: "Poolside chilling ronwldo my bro, always great to welcome you in my beautiful country. Moreover, there have been plenty of rumors biwexual the last months, about the couple being on the verge to announce an engagement. There has been plenty of gossip surrounding his sexuality; Ronaldo ronaldo bisexual in a very publicized relationship with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk from until The way Ronaldo looks, dresses, and acts is much too over the top and confident to just be straight.

Go to www. He would party with Hari, then take the private plane back the same night so that he could attend the training session the following day. Tweet Is Cristiano Ronaldo gay? He has been photographed lately getting pretty cozy with some very buff and well-groomed men at poolside clubs, he seems to look for the same characteristics in other men that define him.

When it comes to sex cristiano ronaldo play for bi-sexual?

Women, although good for being photographed with to keep the homosexual rumors at bay, tend to bore him, they do not give him any motivation to please them, and they certainly do not have the commitment and virility that a man possesses. Share this:.

The two were very rarely seen outside of posed photographs, and other than beautiful faces and bodies, there was not much in common between the two. So bisexhal it comes to sex, is Cristiano Ronaldo bi-sexual or homosexual?

When it comes to sex cristiano ronaldo play for bi-sexual?

When it comes to sex Cristiano Ronaldo is only satisfied by a man like himself, a true Adonis. We have seen many pictures in magazines, gossip blogs, and Girls for sex Lansing that make for very ronaldo bisexual evidence for both arguments of bi-sexual and homosexual. However and ronaldoo playing the role of the devil's advocate, there are some ambiguous le that ronaodo help supporting a thesis where Cristiano Ronaldo is gay or bisexual.

A few gossip rumors exploited the opportunity granted by the lack of information regarding who is the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo sonto speculate that Ronaldo would have bisfxual a surrogate mother to have his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jrbecause he is gay. His first was born in The identity of the mother has never been disclosed.

Is cristiano ronaldo gay?

There was a conversation that reportedly happened between Cristiano and a fellow teammate that was overheard in the locker room in which Cristiano was explaining an incident between himself and another footballer. It's not a secret that this resorting to a surrogate mother is indeed a valid way for gay people to become parents, but that doesn't seem to stick for the thesis of Cristiano Ronaldo being gay in any way.

Got tips? Cristiano Ronaldo has never been linked to any report where he would be dating a guy. There will be people raising the question with the solo intent of making fun of Cristiano Ronaldo bisexual, bisexuao due to envy contained ronalfo the years.

He famously had a long-term relationship with Russian model Irina Shayk as well as reported flings with Alessia Tedeschi and Maja Darving in recent months. In terms of the opposite sex Cristiano Ronaldo would never have to do a thing to get any woman he wants, but he does not seem to want any women. The year-old is known to be close mates with Ronaldo though this is the first time their relationship has been hinted at being more than friends.

He also dated Russian model Irina Shayk however, their relationship ended in What can I do? Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights.

Want to see Christiano Ronaldo Naked? Sex Christiano Ronaldo.

Is cristiano ronaldo gay?

His upper echelon sexy status is undeniable; he is non-standard in bisexula sense of the word. They appeared, on the surface, to be everything the public expected them to be, beautiful and in love; but was their relationship just for show?

Apart from those, some could legitimately become instigated about Cristiano Ronaldo being gay or not, after reading gossips in magazines or misinterpret some photos that Cristiano Ronaldo took in the past and for that being let's just say that a man wearing a pink doesn't necessarily have to be gay. The difference Free black pussy in Hayward rumors and facts It's important for everyone to understand that this question might come up for a variety of reasons.

He also has two other children born to a surrogate mother.

You can unsubscribe at any time. Ronaldo is renowned for being bisexjal cocky when it comes to his natural abilities out on the pitch, he was most recently reprimanded by Real Madrid owners and management for his comments about his teammates, and their inability to play on his level.

Au cristiano ronaldo is bisexual | archive of our own

While in another pic the l can be seen relaxing by the pool. However, their long distance relationship is said to be so serious that Real Madrid officials are "concerned about Help for a virgin Ronaldo's lifestyle will affect his performance". The footballer is a father to four children.

What probably ronaldo bisexual was that Cristiano Ronaldo dumped Paris Hilton and she became resentful with him and tried to revenge through the media. Advertisements -Advert- Cristiano has ly been linked romantically to a of high-profile women including model Alice Goodwin and Gemma Atkinson. The private jet would take Ronaldo to Morocco to visit his male obsession, Hari.