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First time cum swallowing

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Waiting to find somone who can host.

Age: 26
Relationship Status: Divorced
Seeking: I Am Searching Sex
City: New Underwood, Dudley, Tekamah, South Gardiner
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Looking For A Girlfriend 28 Mt Pleasant 28

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I had made my mind, for better or worse, I would be a swallower. I have never wanted to belong to someone, but for me sex is at least two people giving themselves completely to each other, during a sdallowing amount of time, and giving in to the pleasure they create.

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The opportunity came pun intended with F, he was cym second partner, my 4th sex encounter, and my 1st proper finishing off blowjob. Related Posts.

Even as a teenage girl I thought swallowing would be more practical, however I was quite aware of how despising some of my friends found it. I was on my knees, my hands caressing the back of his legs, mouth open wide, when the first shot of cum hit the roof of my mouth.

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By now he had ejaculated all of his load inside me, I clawed the back of his thighs, and restarted sucking his head: I was not about to let a drop behind, and I knew he was fond of it, so much so, that with each swirl of my tongue his thighs would shake. See, I thought it would be hotter, but no, it had the mellow warm temperature of a sunny basked water puddle, somewhere in a Mediterranean beach.

I got up, and started dressing myself, said my goodbyes, and made my way home.

Decided it would be fun to write about it like a food review. I must confess: I already knew I sallowing pre cum, but now I might have fallen in love with cum. What really surprised me was the milky beginning it had: it felt rich and velvety like cream, soothing even.

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Still, in my mind swallowing was not only fair but the sexier thing to do. The taste isn't the best but it'd make his orgasm more intense. If you really want to make him feel good, here is an awesome guide to giving Use these 5 powerful cum swallowing tips to learn how to swallow his load Before continuing with the guide below, you may first want to listen to with something that is essential swallowing ensuring YOU have a great time doing it.

I understood this was what people called bitter, for bitter was not, it Mackay woman wants to play delightfully complex.

Watch 18yr old Paige swallowing cum for the first time on www. I will remember him fondly for it, he was otherwise unremarkable.

When I looked into my eyes, in the bathroom mirror, I felt at ease: indeed, I was a swallower. Immediately, I felt the warmth, and the dissonance began.

Then other streams of lukewarm cum filled my mouth and hit my papillary glands. The flavor evolved and stayed with me for at least another half hour, between telling my best friend all the details of the encounter, I would lick the insides of my lips, effectively trying to make it last.


Another sensation girst emerging, a back-throat encompassing toned-down spiciness, much like mint: it made my mouth vibrate and buzz in a soft addicting manner. Just after my brain realized that, I took my first gulp. Eventually I drank a glass of water, brushed my teeth, and got ready to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

The buzz reduced slightly and gave the metal after taste a time to shine: an unappreciated actor, perhaps, it played its role.