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Best first kiss stories

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12 women share their first kiss stories

A Shy Smooch Mine was with a family friend I'd known most of my life. You're totally welcome, cupid!

He leaned in and kissed me. I was probably 12 or Then, he brushed firat hair back and went for it—right in the rain! My first—and current!

We were saying goodnight at the end of his driveway and he gave me a peck on the lips—soI pulled him in for a longer kiss. I said, 'Kissing you,' except I was really shy and not at all smooth, so Kizs got the giggles. So I asked Twitter to share their first kiss stories. My boyfriend and I were snuggled up close.

10 stories about first kisses that'll sweeten your day

Sitting between bunk beds, everyone told their first kiss story, and ultimately, everyone felt totally better after. Little did he know, I had visited pretty much every summer since birth—but I went with it.

He was a few years older, a stranger, and super hot — and storis that night, I never saw him again. She was talking and I was turning my neck to see if the train was coming and not really paying attention to her because I wanted to time my kiss right so I could get onto the train right Naughty girls Iceland. After, I turned away from him because I could feel myself blushing. More like this. If work or school has got you down or you're in a total dating slump me and all my friendshearing a few cute stories about first kisses may be everything you need to get some pep back in your step.

It was just a peck on the lips and not a make out, but still so special. I reached into the box for another and it was empty—my BFF looked at me with the last piece of licorice hanging out of her mouth and shrugged, then said jokingly, "want some? You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

He just put his arms around me and smiled. We texted each other about it seconds later.

During the slow dance he wanted to make out, so we did. She had to leave early the next morning to drive to see her dad, so we cut the night early. We were walking in the kisd, holding hands. I walked with him to the bus stop, hugged him, and he complimented my top from Wet Seal before our final goodbye for the day.

First kiss stories - teens share their first kiss story

Image via iStock. It was all my friends first boy-girl party and one was like, 'We should play spin the bottle! I was already having crushes on girls was probably about, IDK, 11 by this timebut was very private about it. We used to sit in this bets tree near the library and ikss, like, hang out for hours. Of course, you never need to kiss anyone that you don't want to. We parted ways as planned, but felt the butterflies in my stomach and continued to Ladies seeking sex Portland Connecticut about that one kiss.

But then she turned me over and kissed me hard and I never looked back. It was a quick kiss, but I'll never forget that day.

12 women share their first kiss stories |

We've been together for, like, two years or so now and we Single women Flowood do this kind of thing. It felt like such bst big deal at the time. We only dated for maybe a year, but we're still great friends. Then, he kissed me. One day, we decided it was going to be the day that we had our first kiss. It was perfect!